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To the IMO 2001 Contestants:

What each of you has accomplished is only partly recognized by this ceremony and the events surrounding this Olympiad. Making your way through the various stages leading up to and including this competition has required hard work and a singular focus.

I want to take a moment to talk about another aspect of your efforts that also warrants recognition--and that is your passion for an intellectual pursuit, the pursuit of mathematics. This warrants recognition for several reasons.

Mathematics has a wonderful and long tradition as the language of science. Your activities in mathematics connect you with Archimedes, with Isaac Newton, with Euler, with Gauss, with Riemann, with Sophie Germain, with Paul Erdos, and with Andrew Wiles. You are the continuation of a rich history that has produced some of humankind's most wonderful intellectual structures and applications.

I also want to recognize the importance of your passion for mathematics. In today's world, where many are driven by more pedestrian goals, passion is what will drive you to excel, to push boundaries, and to discover.

It is in that light that Wolfram Research is happy to provide copies of Mathematica to each of you. As you embark upon your mathematical journeys, we hope it will help you unlock lots of exciting new directions in mathematics.

Finally, let me remind the contestants that we have created the web site for IMO scores. This site will also include biographical information on each of you. I encourage you to fill out the online form to help us make this information available. This site will be accessible to people from all over the world and should make a nice way for you to communicate your involvement in this wonderful event to friends and family back home.

On behalf of Wolfram Research, I am very pleased to congratulate you all, to connect our name with each of your names, and to wish you all a productive and enjoyable life connected to mathematics.

--Paul Wellin, Director of Corporate and Academic Affairs