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About this Site

Wolfram Research and the IMO

Wolfram Research, Inc., makers of Mathematica and title sponsor of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2001, is pleased to provide this site for recording scores and competitor information for the IMO 2001. Never before has the world been able to learn about each contestant and view scoring results in such detail.

Wolfram Research supports the academic and professional math communities with direct contributions to education-related programs and scientific research. The IMO, as an international celebration of mathematical ability, is well aligned with the mission of Wolfram Research.

When Mathematica was first released over a decade ago, it ushered in a new age of mathematics, unlocking previously unthinkable possibilities. This year's IMO participants are among the first generation to be fully educated in the technical computing age. With access to a tool such as Mathematica, they will be able to expand mathematical horizons to the next level of possibility and achievement.

As part of the IMO sponsorship, Wolfram Research has donated a copy of Mathematica 4.1 to each student participant, as well as to the team leaders, to aid in their future studies and accomplishments.

Greeting to Students given by Paul Wellin, Director of Corporate and Academic Affairs, Wolfram Research, Inc., at the IMO 2001 Opening Ceremonies.